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Carol Lane Sunny Side of Upalco

My income is up 3700%!
“Ming’s group coaching helped me expand my sales offering, get more sales, develop my voice and marketing message… and as a result, I'm manifesting more and truly feel more optimistic in my life and business. My income is up 3700%!"


Uncovered new streams of income
“Some people just show up into a professional space and you know right away that they were born to do exactly that thing. I've been exposed to my share of self-development but the difference this time is the "Ming" factor. I'm fortunate! I've aligned myself with someone with a deep desire to facilitate profound change in my life. Put that together with fundamental truths & compassionate, intelligent intuitiveness ("Ming factor")... Expect massive breakthroughs”


Annual income up 50%
“In just a few short sessions, I pushed through several blocks that have been hanging me up for years. I just had my best income month ever in 11 years of business and I’ve started writing my book! Coaching with Ming is amazing. Her passion, fire and positivity are simply contagious. Working with her is so empowering.”

Dr. Tammy Stenberg, DC Healing Hands Chiropractic and Wellness

$6000 in brand new income in her first week.
“Dr. Tammy uncovered, discovered, and discarded old stories and beliefs that were holding her back. She aligned with her wholehearted self - her passion to educate and inspire as well as to play more and enjoy adventure. Dr. Tammy created $6000 in brand new income in her first week..”


Created her website, launched her business and landed her first $2400 client
“I've known and worked with Ming for many years. Her energy, wisdom and insight is always welcome. She truly is a brilliant light! Consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to work with Ming.”

Marcia Zina Mager International Author & The Write Coach

14k in 28 days!
“Ming’s heart-felt, kick-ass coaching gave me a brand new skill set! Her powerful success strategies and transformative perspectives helped me knock my Kickstarter campaign (for my new novel) out of the park, reaching 14K in 28 days, surpassing my funding goal!”

    Talk About Transformation!... Inside and Out... Making Things Happen and Gittin' ER DONE! That's what it's all about in Jumpstart Your THING!

    Here’s a partial list of what our group accomplished as a result of our last 5 week program:

    Are you ready to create the business and life you’ve dreamed of?

    Join us for our 5 week Jumpstart Your THING! Business Accelerator and get ready to turn everything you've imagined… into Your NEW Reality!

    Spinning your wheels is no fun. And, transformation takes place by taking action. This 5-week online business growth group coaching  program will give you the resources you need to clarify your vision, activate your mindset, find inspiration, and clear your path to transformational results in your life and business…

    … and guess what? Powerful results are required for you to have a bigger impact, to live a more fulfilled life, AND to make the money you want to make.

    Here's what you'll experience:

    You want more… and I get it. That’s why I designed Jumpstart Your THING! Business Accelerator to help you get the powerful tools and transformational solutions you need to grow your income and live a more fulfilling life. 

    Here’s What You GET

    5 Transformational Business Development Accelerator Group Coaching sessions (value $2500)

    BONUS Create Your Irresistible Offer Intensive 1/2 day Workshop: (value $1000)

    Membership in our Private Facebook Community (value Priceless)

    Five Golden Pillars of Transformation Workbook (value $500)

    Access to all group coaching replays

    Total Value $4000

    Regular Investment $997

    Today’s Special Invitation $497


    Jumpstart Your THING! Is an accelerator for your business and your life. In order to grow your business you need to grow yourself. While our focus will be on your business and financial goals, my system works equally as profoundly on helping you identify your personal, health/fitness, relationship, and contribution/service goals. If you’ve got a dream in your heart and a desire in your belly, I'll help you get crystal clear and create a clear path of systems, accountability, and support to make your dream a reality.

    You bet! This program will help you get aligned with the sources of inspiration within you, identify your most important immediate goals (getting yourself set up, fastest path to cash, develop your offerings, reaching your audience, attracting clients, marketing message/media… ), get focused with systems, accountability, and support to launch your dream!

    Absolutely! Because your life is your soul work! It’s the ‘business’ of your heart! Your happy, fulfilled, content, and abundant life requires you to get into alignment and apply the same intentions and mechanisms you would use to start or grow a business. If you’re done playing small, and putting your dreams on the back burner, Jumpstart Your THING! Is a great way to engage powerful tools and resources to transform your health and wellness, relationships, career and finances, or get after that service project or creative venture your heart longs for.
    You’re constantly inspired and may just need a little help to breathe new life into your business. Get clear, gain powerful insights and a fresh perspective to support you in growing, creating or launching a new venture that’s been knocking at your heart.
    I love working with women and, so far, that's who I predominantly attract. That said, if you're a good, heart-centered man, who's attracted to this transformational work, and you feel your vision is calling you towards a better version of yourself...if you want to be, do, and have more in your life...and live more purpose-filled and abundant, Jumpstart Your THING! could be a great fit for you. If you have questions, let's talk!

    1 - 90 minute group Zoom each week PLUS our BONUS “Create Your Irresistible Offer” ½ day Workshop. And, I recommend you set aside a minimum of an hour a day to devote to clarifying your desires and dreams and implementing powerful strategies that will help you succeed. It takes time, energy, and focus to create the results you want. Taking your vision from dream into reality is up to you. And, you’re worth it!

    This small group business coaching offers high level hands-on mentoring and personal 1~1 support with me leading every zoom call. If you think that you’ll benefit and accelerate more quickly with more 1~1 mentoring support to help you thrive, let’s talk!

    Your group replay will be available within 48 hours after each group session.

    To be announced 

    Yes! The investment for Jumpstart Your THING! Is $497 when you enroll today. You’ll get a total of 5 Sessions PLUS your BONUS “Create Your Irresistible Offer” ½ day Workshop with all your other goodies and BONUSES. I’m happy to make an easy pay plan available for 2 payments of $297. If that’s a better fit for you, email me at [email protected] and let's do this!

    You’re here to do life-changing work… and you know it!
    Ready to Take Your Business and Your Life to the Next Level?

    Hi, I’m Ming Lovejoy, founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Ming Lovejoy Coaching and creator of Jumpstart Your THING! Business Accelerator.

    If you’re like me, creating your life and business is all about doing what you love, having more freedom, creating more revenue, and helping make the world a better place.

    You already know you’re here to do life-changing work. You’ve got what other people need and want, but you struggle with a GAP between where you are and where you want to be. That GAP can feel like lack of clarity, confusion, inertia, overwhelm, resistance. procrastination, spinning your wheels, even doubting yourself and your big vision.

     I’m here to tell you that all those things that show up as resistance and keep your dreams at bay, are a normal part of the creative process… yep… but they don’t need to keep you from your dream life. 

    If you’re struggling and excited to create a business and lifestyle that reflects your passion, attracts those you’re here to serve, gets you into FLOW where you experience your life with more ease and grace, and brings your greater prosperity and abundance, fulfillment and JOY, you’ll want to join us in Jumpstart Your THING! Business Accelerator.

    Join this powerful 5 week growth coaching group experience and tap into powerful tools and resources for your transformation. 

    Align yourself with the sources of inspiration within you, fill in the GAP with an empowered, clear-headed YOU, and get into action, traction, and momentum to create the results you truly want in your business and your life.

    Because…the world is a brighter place when You SHINE!🧡

    Your friend and fan,


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